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What is the difference between the REBEL Roll® and the Maine Roll?

They are both chilled style with mayo, but the REBEL Roll® comes with a lemon wedge and a side of warm butter to pour on top.

Where do you get your lobster from?

Our lobster comes from the North Atlantic Ocean. Countless hours and care were given to identifying only the best suppliers and product for our rolls. The relationships we've built are vital to maintaining the highest of standards we've set. 

Do you have gluten free options?

Yes, but - the risk of cross contamination with gluten on the truck is possible. While we make every attempt, it is almost unavoidable. Open face gluten-free bread is available on any of our rolls for those willing to accept the risk.

Where do you park your truck?

We park our truck at a variety of locations all over the Twin Cities of Minnesota and even further. Check out our Schedule page to see where we will be each weekend!

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